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Proudly creating handmade custom fountain pens for fellow enthusiasts worldwide.


What is in a Pen?

Here at the Herbert Pen Company we are constantly looking for a new challenge. Creating custom pens at our customer's request is both challenging and exciting. We hope to share our love and passion for writing by collaborating with you to create the prefect custom fountain pen for you to enjoy or as a gift for someone special.


Custom Pens

I focus on creating hand crafted, quality, custom pens and encourage customer's imagination to run wild when ordering their pens. With the current market, not all pens meet the needs of every consumer, so our mission is providing pens that will satisfy each customer's unique needs. At Herbert Pen Company we pride ourselves on recreating classic inspired as well as modern designs. I will happily accept that challenge and look forward to working with you to create your perfect pen.


Currently, I utilize acrylic, Alumilite, Lucite, Ebonite, and various celluloids which can easily be fashioned into a durable pen that will last for many years to come. I stock German made JoWo nibs in both #5 and #6 sizes with future plans to include #8 variations.  I carry all sizes of the two-tone, polished, and black oxide nibs to ensure any combination of a customer's request can quickly be met. I also have the ability to quickly receive gold nibs for those looking for an upgrade to the standard steel nibs. In addition Bock nibs and various vintage nibs can utilized.

Custom Blanks

If you are not able to find the color material or off the shelf pen blank to suit your needs, I can mix custom order Alumilte blanks in-house to create a truly one-of-a-kind pen. If you do not find what you are looking for at Herbert Pen Company, I will gladly help out a fellow pen manufacturer and pour custom blanks to suit the customer's needs. You can view previously poured blanks on the Custom material and blanks page. Please contact me below for more information.


2020 Herbert Pen Company Spring limited edition

Price : SOLD OUT

 Introducing the newest edition to our in house limited runs is the Edgar Allen Poe themed spring edition.  This is a medium sized Poe model with a very fitting clip.  The Poe model has a straight cap with no taper and the body remains straight with a small taper on the end to allow a nice deep, secure post.  This is a cartridge convert pen and comes with a Schmidt standard international cartridge and a matching Rickshaw pen sleeve. 

   I chose a Edgar Allen Poe themed pen as I have the Poe model.  We take inspiration from local people or locations and during his early years he lived in the Church Hill area of Richmond.  His house is the oldest standing structure in the city of Richmond and is now The Poe museum.  In celebration of his birth date of January 19th our spring limited edition came to be.  Mr. Poe passed away in the city of Baltimore at age 40 which helped us decide on a run of only 40 pens.  The material chosen was also a dark and deep purple, black, and silver Diamond cast material from Mckenzies pen works.  This material is very rich in color and the real diamond dust used to create this material has a wonderful luster and high chatoyance especially in sunlight. 

These pens are currently available for pre-order and will be available to ship mid to late February.  Only 30 of these pens will be available for Pre-order as 10 pens will be reserved to have for sale at the Baltimore/Washington international pen show on February 28th thru March 1st, 2020.  Should you like to secure yours please email me at and we can get your number selected and payment secured. 

Pen sizes:

Capped: 141mm

Uncapped: 127mm

Posted: 170mm

Body Diameter at widest point: 12.5mm

Cap Diameter: 15.25mm


Papier Plume 2019 Limited Edition!!

I am happy to announce a new collaboration with Papier Plume and Regalia writing labs will soon be out.  While I cannot disclose any information yet, I will say this will be a very unique pen that will showcase the beautiful nib, and in a very low quantity.  The pen will have a Mardi Gras theme to it similar to our previous limited edition.  Please join my mailing list at the bottom of this page for updates as well as Papier Plumes mailing list to stay updated on this limited run. 
More information is expected the week of March 22nd!

Mardi Gras 2019.jpg

DC Metro Pen Crew Limited edition

Price: $150 plus shipping

Welcoming in the new year is this collaboration with the DC Metro area Pen Crew!  This is a numbered run with numbers continuing through the year. The material is a in house custom material with a bright gold and grey to match the groups logo.  There is a very high level of chatoyance throughout the entire pen.  The pens will be a Medium sized Poe model.  The overall length capped is 145mm with  the cap diameter at 16mm.  The body is just over 13mm at the widest point with a nice taper to allow a solid post.

These pens will come with a matching pen rest and your choice of Jowo #6 steel nibs in either Two-Tone or Polished finish and sizes EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm and 1.4mm stubs.  Gold nibs can be added at an additional cost.

  Should you have a specific number request they are first come first serve.

****UPDATE 3/13/2019****

The First round of orders is now closed. . I will be working with the DC Pen Crew to organize another round of pens.  Please email me should you like to purchase one or be placed onto the wait list.


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Poe Model

Contrasing black acrylic accents with a white, black, gold Inlace Acrylester