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matching unicorn barf octagonal Poe model

Pricing and Options

 Listed prices are good until 12/31/2023

All Prices Listed are in US Dollars

Starting price for all models: $195.00


- Exotic Materials (some ebonite, celluloids, limited run materials, and my ribbon materials) : $15-$25

- Multiple Materials : $10.00

- Bands (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, bronze) : $25.00, sterling silver also available for $40.00

- Custom Shaping (octagonal, hexagonal) : $40.00 for the cap, $40.00 for the body

- Interior Finishing (transparent materials only) : $40.00-$50.00

-Transparent Ink window : $35.00

- Extra Section : $40.00 with steel Jowo or Bock Nib, $30.00 without nib

- Custom Clip (stainless steel, bronze, brass) : $35.00

- Extra Jowo or Bock Nibs : $25.00 various finishes and sizes available

- Pen Rest : $15.00

- Bulb Filling system (specific models only) : $100.00

- Hooded nib option, any model (uses Pilot VP gold nib unit and CON-70 converter) : $95.00 only if you are not supplying the unit and converter

-Piston Filling System : COMING SOON!

I currently have a 48 week lead time but am working to get that down to more of a 24-30 week time frame.  You will be quoted exact lead times at time of inquiry.  If you have other ideas or options in mind please feel free to contact us to get pricing.

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