Our latest collaboration with District Urushi brings the traditional Urushi style to Herbert Pen Company on a large Maymont Model.  This is a deposit to reserve your pen of 20 individually numbered pens. The price of the pen is $800 so as the pens are completed the remaining balance of $400 will be invoiced.  The Urushi process has begun and the pens are expected to be fully cured and ready to ship mid year 2021.  Each pen was made from Japanese ebonite and sent off to District Urushi to have the silver leaf and urushi hand applied.  Many layers of Japanese Urushi are applied, finished to give a deep black backdrop to the silver leaf which takes on a gold appearance from the amber color of the urushi.  This is a slow process and the pens are curretly getting the silver leaf added which will cure and then the finishing buildup will start.  Progress pictures will be posted to this listing as well as social media sites as soon as they are available.   The pen will come with a Jowo #6 14k gold nib in your choice of size, converter, and it is capable of being eye droppered.  The pen will also have a hand made pen sleeve fitting to the Japanese theme of the pens.  



148mm capped

137mm opened

Body diameter at widest point 16.75mm tapered down to 13.5mm

Cap diameter at widest point 18.45mm and tapers down towards the body and top of cap.

Section is 21mm long and 12mm at the threads of the body and a nice pinch to 10.75mm.



DEPOSIT ONLY for Limited Maymont Model collaboration with District Urushi